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Historic buildings and streetscapes – the surroundings we see every day – are the visible history of a community. They remind us of who we are, and provide us with the sense of place that makes every Connecticut city and town unique. In the summer of 2012, the Town of Clinton applied for, and received, a grant from the Connecticut State Historic Preservation Office for the preparation of a Historic Resources Inventory (HRI). Prepared between June and December 2012, the purpose of this survey was to enrich the town’s historical record by adding detailed historical and architectural documentation of 150 significant resources in Clinton. This supplements the body of information previously compiled in a Phase I Historic
Resource Inventory completed in April of 2011.

Historic structures gain their significance from the role they have played in the community and from the value the community places on them as a result. It is hoped that the town’s Historic Resource Inventory will serve to increase appreciation of Clinton’s historic resources and in turn encourage their preservation. This self-guided walking tour is intended to highlight just a small sample of the structures identified in the survey and to encourage all interested parties to seek out the information developed further in the body of the HRI.

Thank You

The activity that is the subject Clinton’s Historic Resource Inventory was financed in full by the State Historic Preservation Office, with funds from the Community Investment Act program of the State of Connecticut. A notable debt of gratitude is owed to the members of the Town of Clinton’s Historic District Commission, primary liaisons for the project.