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15. John Smith House, c. 1750 – 24 John Street
Cape Cod Cottage
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This is a one-story frame residence with square-cut stone masonry foundation, five-bay façade, centered entry, side-gabled roof, and central redbrick masonry chimney. There is a one-story ell with side-gabled roof at the rear of the building. Fenestration consists of one-over-one double-hung sash with grille inserts. The entry has a frame surround with multi-light transom. The building is sheathed in vinyl siding.

Although this home has been altered through the addition of modern siding and windows, it retains much of its historic character as a Cape Cod Cottage-style residence. Built c. 1750, local records indicate that the home was built by John Smith, one of a number of Johns for whom the street was named. The house is present on maps from 1859 and 1874, and on the latter is listed as the property of John S. Smith. The 1880 census records list the 52-year old Smith as a fisherman. The house at 24 John Street is significant as an example of Clinton's stock of 18th century houses and, as such, contributes to the survey area's character as an 18
th-, 19th-, and early 20th-century mixed agricultural and commercial center.