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8. Captain Heman Hull House, c. 1830 – 66 High Street
Greek Revival Style
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This building is a two-story frame residence with square-cut stone masonry foundation, wood corner pilasters, wide frieze, frame cornice, front-facing and pedimented gable roof, central red-brick masonry chimney, one-story front porch, and two story rear ell. A two-story frame addition with front-facing gable roof is located on the south (side) elevation of the main block. This has wood corner boards and cornice returns. The façade of the main block has three bays and an offset entry. The façade of the secondary block has two bays consisting of an offset entry and bay storefront
window. Fenestration throughout primarily consists of six-over-six double-hung sash. The front porch has square supports, a frame cornice, and a shed roof. The building is sheathed in horizontal board siding.

Although this home has been altered through the addition of a later bay window on the first story of the main block’s façade, it retains its historic character as a Greek Revival style residence. Likely built c. 1830, the residence is present on the site on maps from 1859 and 1874, and on the latter is listed as the home of Captain Heman Hull. The 1870 census records list Hull as a 54-year old sea captain. The south addition was likely added c. 1900 as it is not visible on an 1881 map. It is, however, present on a 1908 Sanborn map, where it is indicated as housing a jewelry store.