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Best Shopping on the Shore & More…..………

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Millions of people have visited Clinton from all over the world and it is renown for its world-class premium outlets at Clinton Crossing. But Clinton is much more than you bargained for.

People come to shop and to save and then to stay for the natural beauty, the arts, the food, the history and for the affordability.

Clinton's Long Island Sound shoreline is where birds and boats abound. A vibrant local artist community fills an abundance of art and antique boutiques. Cuisine of the world, of the sea and of America is served at inland and seaside restaurants. 350 years of colonial to present day history is richly preserved in Clinton's historic homes and buildings and in its Town Hall museum.

Clinton offers visitors and residents value not just at Clinton Crossing. It is one of Connecticut's 5 most affordable towns according to
Movto Real Estate.

Geographically blessed, Clinton is almost half way between New York and Boston. It is conveniently accessible, with the life style of the Hampton's and the costs of a middle-class community of resident and non-resident property owners. It is the affordable gem of Connecticut's
Long Island Sound shoreline.

Development Opportunity

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Clinton is 16 square miles or 10,000 acres including 1,000 acres of tidal marsh. Over 1,000 acres of conservation land trust and 50 miles of nature trails and paths. Boating, kayaking, swimming and fishing are all easily accessable.
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The arts community is attracted by Clinton's natural beauty that inspires awe in the observer wether artist or not. Works are offered in shops on Main Street. Clinton's annual arts fair is a community event.
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The diverse cuisine of the world, the sea and America is presented with passion by over 30 restaurants, sidewalk cafes and seaside bars and grilles. Whatever your taste, you will find something to suit your pallet.
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The history of Clinton's 350 years is beautifully persevered in historic homes and other historic buildings. The 1630 house with its stocks introduces tourists to Clinton's storied history.